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    2012年的Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR改裝鑒賞

    2017-01-19     140次閱讀

    A quick meet up with friends quickly turned into a spontaneous shooting spree on my good friend’s 2012 Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR. Brooke Berini traveled from Newport News, Virginia to come down to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit friends before her hefty move back home to Boston, Massachusetts.

    My girlfriend and I drove to Pullen Park, which is right next to North Carolina State University to meet up with Brooke and a few other friends of mine. When we arrived at Pullen Park, we sat and waited for Brooke’s arrival for about fifteen minutes. Brooke and her best friend had arrived. Seeing the Evo X nicely lowered on Tein Coils with SBC RPF1’s wrapped with Hankoonk tires. I was super stoked to snap some photos of her Evo X, so when we parked the car in front of the park entrance, I snapped away.

    (SBC RPF1) 

    This car already has some tasteful aftermarket parts on it already. A couple of performance goodies include the beastly growl of her exhaust that is the perfect hymn to hear thanks to the three inch Greddy Cat-back exhaust system. For the turbocharger system, along with a Tial QR Blow Off Valve. Brooke added the Grimmspeed Boost Controller and an ETS intake. For suspension and handling, as stated above the Evo has Tein Basics. The Evo’s shoes are the SBC RPF1’s (18 x 9.5) wrapped with Hankook Venus V12’s EVO 245/35R18’s. This is just a very small taste of what’s to come for this build because Brooke has an amazing vision and goal for what her Evo will become, and I already cannot wait for its final form! It will shake the import scene and automotive industry altogether.  

    Brooke’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brookeberini/

    Mod List:

    Suspension and Wheels:

    ·  SBC RPF1 (18 x 9.5)

    ·  Tein Basics


    ·  Tial QR BOV (Blow Off Valve)

    ·  3” Greddy Cat-Back System

    ·  ETS Cold Air Intake

    ·  Grimmspeed Boost Controller

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